Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

What is uPVC?

uPVC is the unplasticized PVC. It is used for various purposes such as construction of windows and doors.

Is uPVC durable?

Yes, it is really durable and solid.

Is uPVC material eco-friendly?

It is eco-friendly in the way that no waste is produced while manufacturing uPVC structures. Pieces remained after production can be used for other purposes such as shoe soles etc.

Is uPVC expensive?

No. The cost of uPVC is less than wood by 30% and less than MDF(Medium Density Fiber) by 10%.

Can it be painted?

Yes, you can apply any kind of paint on it. It can be polished too.

Do we need to do the framework in wood or other material for uPVC doors and windows?

No, uPVC windows or doors or any other furniture can be completed fully in uPVC alone.

In what size uPVC boards available?

They are available in 8ft X 4ft size.

Is uPVC material strong enough?

Yes they are strong enough for building constructions. Tests have proved that 1sq.ft of uPVC can hold up to 150Kg.

Is uPVC heat resistant?

Yes, it defends heat and fire so well. It can withstand up to 3450C.

Are they water resistant?

Yes, they are completely water resistant. For a cemented proof, uPVC s used for swimming pool and ship constructions.

Do you offer guarantee for the hardware accessories?

Yes, we use only hardware of good quality and we offer a replacement warranty for 15 years.

Where are your service points?

We have service points in all over Kerala. We have now started centers in Bangalore also.

What kind of buildings do you work on?

We do any kind of uPVC works professionally. But we are specialists for home interiors. We do interior works for flats, villas, independent homes etc.

What will be the duration of a project?

It completely depends upon the design, and requirement for the customer. However, we a strong workforce and fully equipped factories to finish the work in the fastest time.

Does uPVC defend termites?

Yes, it withstands termites in a clean way as this is a synthetic material.

Is this material has any toxic effects?

Absolutely no. This has no such toxic effects.

Will this bend when climate changes?

No. It is more rigid and having more density. So, it would never bend like what happens to wood, when climate changes.

Is uPVC washable?

Yes, uPVC is washable with soap and water.

Will the screws get loosen over the time?

No, once fixed, they are fixed, provided, you are employing quality material and precise measurement.

Where else in the world uPVC is used?

Practically everywhere. This material is widely used in Europe, Gulf and Asia as well. So, this is a proven material.