How do We work

We Work Differently

We follow a very unique style of work which comprehensively addresses all the issues a customer faces and satisfies all the expectations of him.

Understanding Requirement

Once an enquiry comes in, we speak to the client in a professional and polite way to understand his needs. We always realize the fact that he is speaking of his home; his dream and his sweat. The next step is to visit the client site. This we do with much seriousness because we know that without physically visiting the actual site, neither the design can be superlative nor the product be flawless. Our architectural designers get a complete vision of the requirement by visiting the actual spot and communicating with the client. Measurements are taken with precision and details. We always speak to the client and absorb what he wants in the right way and this has always helped to improve our work quality and customer relations.

Crafting Best Design

Crafting a design is the next step. Our architects create trendy, aesthetic designs that never lose comfort and convenience. Client certainly has suggestions, expectations or rather dreams. We accept them full heartedly and integrate them in the designs. At the same time, if something is put forward which is practically unhandy and aesthetically awkward, we convince them by reason that it wouldn’t fetch virtue to the design. All the customizations and improvisations are done at the point of designing, in this way.

Cost - You Always Want it to be the Lowest

After this, budgeting and cost estimation is done. Here also we value customer inputs with a high priority. We aim to finish the project at minimum cost with maximum quality.

When we compromise on quality, we may reduce cost. Instead, we reduce wastages and increase work efficiency and speed with which we attain optimum quality at effective costs. Selection of right materials for right purpose also can cut down the total expenses without disturbing quality.

Our own manufacturing centers and our own transportation facilities also help to reduce the total cost.


Production is the next level of the process. We boast of our state-of-the art factories situated at Kochi and Kanuur. These factories are well equipped with modern machines and newest technologies to ensure the perfect product at low costs.

Our staff are well trained and well disciplined that each stage of production is scrutinized for quality and strength.

Why Choose us

Experienced Workers

All of our men are well trained and largely experienced in uPVC works. They use latest technology and modern machineries for a perfect and guaranteed product.

Quality in Hardware

We use the best quality hardware accessories with a sense of aesthetics that perfectly blend in to your interior. All of our hardware components are offered a replacement warranty for 15 years.

Disciplines at Worksite

Our men are incomparable in the worksite manners. Often the workers give a lot of headaches to the whole crew everywhere. We give particular attention to this area and have maintained a model behavior at the customer premises.

Tobacco & Liquor Prohibited

Both tobacco and alcohol are prohibited among our men while at work. No violation of this strict rule is tolerated and to our pride, no men have broken the pact.

Instruction Manual for Workers

We follow a detailed instruction manual which suggests the rules at the worksite and a copy of which is given to the client as well. He can monitor whether the manual is followed and in case of any violation, he can complain to the authorities and a strict action is assured.

100% Completion

We never leave the site without a 100% completion of the work. By then we make sure that the work is fully finished and perfected.


uPVC is the unplasticized PVC. It is used for various purposes such as construction of windows and doors. For more details, please click here.

Yes, it is really durable and solid.

It is eco-friendly in the way that no waste is produced while manufacturing uPVC structures. Pieces remained after production can be used for other purposes such as shoe soles etc.

No. The cost of uPVC is less than wood by 30% and less than MDF(Medium Density Fiber) by 10%.